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We are proud to introduce this year’s ARANJ President, Rodney Krawczyk. Without the volunteers that lead our organization the ARANJ mission would be impossible to achieve and maintain. Please take a moment to read the message from our current president and thank you for your continued support of ARANJ.

Thank you for your interest in the Automotive Reyclers Association of New Jersey. My name is Rodney Krawczyk and I am the current President of the association.

Our goal as an association is to advocate for the auto recycling industry in the state of New Jersey. As the economic and environmental laws in the state and across the country expand, it is more important than ever that we have a voice in Trenton and beyond to ensure that as an industry we are treated fairly.

We not only provide a voice for the association in Trenton, but we also provide vital resources to our members. This includes; updates on impactful legislation, educational information along with networking and marketing opportunities.

Since its founding in the 1960’s the association has been on the front line for the battle to protect the industry from government overreach and harmful regulation, specifically during the fight over the Mercury Switch and the Stormwater Runoff regulations. In the near future there will be yet another battle over Stormwater Runoff that could severely impact the ability for our industry to run profitable businesses.

While we share in the state’s concern about the environment, we believe that there is a compromise to be made that will cause the least amount of harm to both the environment and our industry.

As we move forward on these fronts, it is important that we can show the lawmakers that we are a strong association and the more members we can put in front of them the stronger our position to make a deal is.

This is why I have made it one of my top priorities to increase membership over this year as my term as President. I encourage all members of the Auto Recycling industry to join our association. Please visit our membership page to see the benefits of joining and to download your membership application.

Another important issue that we are facing in the industry is modernization. Our industry is one of the last in the country to fully embrace modern technology. For our industry to survive and grow, we must modernize. From advancements in inventory systems, communication, logistics and safety our industry is ever changing. My hope is that through sharing of information though our members, we can not only embrace these changes, but create new ones using the decades of experience and know how of our members.

Thank you for visiting our website and I look forward to working with all of our members new and old over the next year.

Rodney Krawczyk

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