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The Automotive Recyclers Association of New Jersey Inc. was founded and incorporated in October 1966. ARA-NJ is a nonprofit organization which was formed by auto recyclers who wanted to improve their own industry and develop a better understanding of the complexities and problems in the auto recycling industry while protecting our environment.To establish fair trade practices among the industry. Our Mission - To provide input to the legislatures as to how the rules and regulations can best protect the environment, the consumer and our industry. To promote a better understanding between our industry and the general public.ARA-NJ provides educational information to our members, to various legislative, executive, administrative and regulatory bodies and also to the motoring public relating to the automotive salvage and recycling industry.ARA-NJ has been involved in helping form the legislation for mercury management, stormwater runoff and other environmental concerns.ARA-NJ strives to increase the public's awareness of the auto recycling industry as a whole and of our professionalism and commitment to the preservation and improvement of the environment.

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